Post 690: Free, Broken, Nasty

Submitter NinjaChow says that “I think these two ads are posted by the same person.” Let’s compare.

Working, but not spin Washer
Here is a washer for free.
Water go in and out with no problem, and you can hear the sound it work, but only not spinning.
Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!


100% working Mini oven


This is 100% working, just need some clean.
Pick up only.

Grammar: sketchy

Punctuation: insufficient

Condition of Items Being Sold: Broken and Nasty

Price: Should pay someone to pick these items up

There you have it. One Sparky, extra snark. Thanks, NC!


6 thoughts on “Post 690: Free, Broken, Nasty

  1. Non libros est.
    The burden of the cleansing required is a significant burden on tbe presumptive future owners.
    Which, sadly is the entirely forgotten base premise for LEED (which is now no more than a scheme for getting narrow tax credits, and a spendy way for minimal professional advancement).

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  2. Spin, Spin, foul wash’r
    For stains remove
    Ere mark-ed sin for all to see.
    Away, away, Cast thee out
    Oven besides, more sin
    Albatross upon neck
    Out! Out! Blight upon my life
    My powers call-ed in contempt
    Who should thought such hae
    Sae much dirt anon
    [Exeunt, scrubbing]

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  3. [corey] If by “not spinning” Sparky means the washer agitator isn’t working, it’s an easy fix to replace the agitator “dogs” — a few dollars on eBay. Google “washer agitator fix” for instructions and videos. If the tub itself isn’t spinning, it’s probably the clutch, which is a bit more complicated and about $20 in parts. Google “washer clutch fix” — duh. Save $500+ on a new washer. [/corey]

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