Post 692: Nesting Material

Nesting boxes


4 sets of nesting boxes. In ok shape. Largest is 28”x28”

NinjaChow sent this in with the query, “Sparky beside the boxes for scale?” Well, he does look kind of scaly. But I’m not happy with the claim that these are nesting boxes. I mean, really, no self-respecting bird would nest is something bright red like that. Every predator in the neighborhood would be stopping by for a snack.

Thanks, NC, another fun find.


4 thoughts on “Post 692: Nesting Material

  1. The concept that what a thing is made of might be of importance to the buyer appears to esc as pe too many.

    It does rather matter if the product offered is made of gossamer or kryptonite. In this case flimsy gift box cardboard or some polymer or a wood product could be crucial to the sale.


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  2. Ok, we also have to entertain a notion that the person pictured nests within the boxes, as shown in the second photo.

    Which likely involves butter and squick.

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  3. So are all 4 sets made up of 6 boxes?
    24 cuboids with no price. What if I only want the 3rd box in each set. Do I have to take them all?
    I have 99 questions but “Cassius?” Is not one of them. See you on boxing day.

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