Post 694: The Big Break-up

Missing cat

post 694 cat.png

Our 1 year old male cat named Junior went missing about 3 days ago. He sometimes gets out but it’s not like him to stay away this long.

If you found him please call me as we love him very much and want him to come home safe! If you’ve seen him or a cat that looks like him in the area please let me know.

He went missing on [Location] Road near # and [Blah].

Look, Sparky, Junior wanted out. He tried to tell you he just wasn’t feeling it any longer but you wouldn’t listen. What part of MEOW don’t you understand?

Submitter NinjaChow commented, “Sparky wants his missing cat back or at least a reasonable facsimile.” Thanks for sending this in. Here’s hoping Junior found a better place to crash.


5 thoughts on “Post 694: The Big Break-up

  1. O the East, what Dwans there?
    Well, it’s not the cat, Romeo.
    What Capulet treachery is this?
    The cat is just out.
    Has Prince Escalus been told,?
    Dude, he’s a dog lover.
    Mayhaps Count Paris?
    Nope, he has budgies.
    Oh woe, alas, and alack
    For I want the cat back
    His patient gaze
    And calming purr . . .
    Dude, a cat is a cat by any other name.
    Forsooth, hey check out the whiskers on that Juliet!

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  2. But the cat didn’t come back the very next day,
    The cat didn’t come back, we hope he’s not a goner
    The cat didn’t come back; it just wants to stay away
    Away, away….


  3. You know how cats like boxes. Well, Irwin Schroedinger is Junior’s neighbor down the block. I’m sure he is just fine.


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