Post 695: The Fluffinator

Fluffy Husky Shepherd puppy; 10 weeks old
Beautiful & Fluffy, almost 10 weeks old puppy, looking for a new home. He is the most affectionate, calm, and loving dog we’ve ever met. We’re absolutely in love with him, but the apartment we’re living in isn’t an ideal situation – it’s on a high floor, and we don’t have the yard that we know he’d adore. He loves running through grass!

We’ve had him for just 2 weeks, and are seeking a new home for him simply because we want him to have the best life. He is very calm, friendly, sleeps through the night, and is generally pretty shy and timid. He loves other dogs, especially big ones, and runs up to interact with them.

We are absolutely determined to find the best home for him. We will only consider if you live in a house or an apartment with a yard.

He is fully vet-checked, had his first 1st and 2nd vaccines. This includes being dewormed, DAPP, Bordetella Vaccine, Cytology, Skin Treatment, Drontal Plus, Revolution Brown, Nizoral Shampoo, Ova & Parasite and PVD Canine Fortiflora.
I will provide his health record/passport.

He comes with a bed, blanket, toys, food bowls, collar & leash, and 5 bags of food.

Submitter NinjaChow shares this PSA: Consider your circumstances & research the breed before getting a puppy. Seriously, with the internet available even in Antarctica, you have no excuse not to do the research. Be sure you get a pup with no fur and no legs so they can live comfortably in your overpriced condo. Since they didn’t do that, Sparky is only willing to let people adopt the pup who are better equipped to take care of him. The poor little guy will grow up wondering what he did wrong and will have neuroses for the rest of his life. Maybe someday he’ll have a chance to bite Sparky where it hurts the most.


4 thoughts on “Post 695: The Fluffinator

  1. Sparky doesn’t say he’s housebroken, which means multiple times a day this husky runs the Ididalog. What idiot gets a husky (even a husky mix) for an apartment? It’s not a lap dog.


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