Post 696: Fun in Store

Does your Garage look like this? Store here we will take care of it.

post 696 store.jpg

Discount available on all units!!!

Office Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9 am to 5:00 pm

Gate access hours 6:00 am to 8:00 pm 365 days a year
(Month to Month rental No Commitment.

Hablo Espanol ! Domingo y lunes

You might want to make a commitment to some book learning, there, Sparky. Leaving us hanging with that incomplete parenthesis is just mean. Plus you only speak Espanol two days a week? Plus Plus your opening line there needs work. If I store my stuff there, you’ll take care of it, wink wink. Say no more!


6 thoughts on “Post 696: Fun in Store

  1. Wait, they used the imperative, so we must speak Spanish?
    But only on Saturday & Sunday. Except that place alleges to not be open on Sundays, so how would they know?
    Unless, that’s the day we are locked in tbeir gadage to clean it up . . .

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