Post 698: Bee Best

Got a bee issue??

We are a Full Service bee removal company. We remove honeybees and wasps and perform all repairs to your home. Removing unwanted honey bee hives from your buildings roofs n walls ia All we do for a living not a side job. Weather its a brand new swarm of bees on a tree branch, or a 10 year old bee colony at the top of a 4 story roof, we can quickly and safely remove any bee problems from your property, to ours!

* 20 years Extensive bee removal experience.
* Bees are all I do, if your in need of quick response, expert advise, and help solving your bee issues give us a call, we love what we do and are always happy to help!

Sincerely, R. [Dunder – Mifflin]

I think I missed all the bee issues. I like that R.’s company will remove unwanted honey, beehives, from my buildings, my roofs, and my n walls. Ia all they do. Weather permitting. He’s always happy to help for a reasonable and agreed upon in writing beforehand fee.

What if my problem is that the bees have left my hive? What are you going to do then? I’ll wait for your answer but it better bee a good one. Oh, here’s a solution!

F. Beekeeper – Another Hive In The Wall Again – Pink’s Addendum
Here we go again. Another hive in a wall. This time it’s a beautiful friendly feral/clean bee hive that flew inside this dry/warm void. Family remodeling their exterior of home needed beekeeper to not only remove alive, but to be put into their own bee box and put into an apiary. Which I did. Professionally gained access with the most prudent methodology. Call a beekeeper

Sometimes we do need education. Honey bee education. Thoughts and ideas from a genuine beekeeper that helps bee cultures and colonies live long and prosperous. For humanity.
Fully insured and bonded!

Well, that’s more like it! Excelsior, indeed. Can’t wait until the honey bees graduate.


6 thoughts on “Post 698: Bee Best

  1. Considering the number of people who refer to yellow jacket [wasps] as “bees,” I’m not sure this advertising will reach very far.

    I notice that poor grammar and spelling dude seems to presume honey bees. Which is complicated as there are 4000 species of bees native to North America.

    Carpenter bees (a few dozen species) don’t laager honey in their nests, and are territorial, rather than queen-centric. They are much less bothered by smoke, too, for being arborial. The large carpenter species are real brutes, some larger than bumblebees. (And not nearly as satirical as babylonbees.)

    The various terrestrial bees can be downright grumpy, and are fiercely territorial (which is understandable after having burrowed in the dirt and built housing using your own spit).

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  2. To bee or not to bee
    Or wall up sparky-made breech
    With our apiary dead!
    In peacetime, nothing so becomes
    As to be the gentle honeybee
    But, in time of war, it is mete
    To take up the visage of carpenter bee.
    We shall not yield one inch
    Of our Harfleur, no matter what
    Wesh miners you send to
    Our 4th story abode.
    Were I in Thames to my neck
    I would not be so mad ere I cane to France.

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  3. I used to use excelsior (wood shavings) for taxidermy. It can be shaped into custom-sized artificial bodies, rather than having to buy styrofoam ones. However, the last excelsior mill in the US shut down decades ago, and it is now almost impossible to find. I’m not clear on what bees have to do with excelsior, since I doubt that they or this grammatically-challenged beekeeper speak Latin.

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