Post 700: Keep On Trunking

Palm tree – Free 

post 700 palm tree *

 Free tall Palm tree
I have wanted this palm tree gone for years. Everyone keeps telling me to post it on Craigslist, so here it is.
You remove and haul away.
Please text me if you want it. I will be so great full to have it gone, and to a home that would appreciate it.
I do not know how tall it is but would guess about 75 feet. Truck is about 2-3 feet wide.
Just guesses. You’d have to come look, to know for sure.
Text: ###-###-Number-###

Sherry is great! Sherry is full. Sherry’s palm tree comes with a small truck, 2 to 3 feet wide. Come look to know for sure. Sherry does what everyone tells her to do. No charge for the palm tree! Have fun.

Thanks, Ralph, awesome ad. Its bark is worse than its bite, right? Aha!

* This is a random palm tree from Pinterest. No idea what Sherry’s tree looks like.


5 thoughts on “Post 700: Keep On Trunking

  1. Sherry obviously has no access to a 5th grader (well, 5th graders are too young for sherry, port, OTOH). As a 10′ tape measure and a protractor would get you the height to within a coue feet.
    Which is needful, as sherry is guessing the truck is only 2-3 feet wide, wrong by more than 100%.
    Perhaps Rosé could guess better? (We know that Remy will be all snooty and say a bit more than 2 meters).

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