Post 701: Dorothy’s New Home

32’ camper


Some what tore apart camper free for who ever wants it good axles and frame need gone ASAP

Oh, Sparky! One unpunctuated sentence and a picture worth a thousand or more words. Looks like a tornado picked it up, dropped it in the woods outside of Oz where it was styled by a lion, a tiger, and a family of bears. Oh, My!

Thanks for the week’s worth of humor, Ralph!


7 thoughts on “Post 701: Dorothy’s New Home

  1. I’m just pictuting the _other_ Spark who hauls this off down the highway . . . as is.

    “Whaddya mean occifer, “unsafe”? Iz gots gud axles ana frame!”

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  2. Trailer for Sparky, free; rooms inside with debris
    No phone, no pool, no pets, ain’t got no minarets
    Ah, but, two hours of pushin’ broom
    Gets an eight foot wide rolling tomb
    For a man of means by no means, king of the road.

    Meth explosion?

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