Post 704: Sudden Feline Disorder

Free Cat to Loving Home
I’m giving away my 1 year old cat Tiger, unfortunately because I dont have room for him. He’s very loving and affectionate.

NinjaChow: No room for him, how big is he?

Sparky: That’s rather a personal question.

NinjaChow: I mean, how much room does he take up?

Sparky: As much as possible. He’s knocking the vases off the counters. He tries to sit on my laptop. He follows me everywhere I go, even the potty.

NinjaChow: In other words, he’s a normal cat, you just don’t want to deal with him any longer.

Sparky: I’ll throw in all his food and litter box if you’ll shut up and take the cat.

NinjaChow: Windrose, I have a cat for you.

Good call, there, NC. Place him in the cup holder on your computer and email him to California. Thanks for the ad.


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