Post 705: Block Heads

Cylinder blocks


Free blocks . Take only whole ones if wanted

According to Ralph, these cylinder blocks may be for building circular pyramids. However, according to the photo, these are not cylinders at all. They are square or rectangles or hexagons or decahedrons or maybe shape shifters. At least Sparky isn’t insisting we take blocks we don’t want. Everyone knows that leads to blocks being abandoned in the desert and reproducing with geods and running in packs. Not a good way to live for blocks.

Thanks, Ralph, lovely find.


5 thoughts on “Post 705: Block Heads

  1. Have to guess that sparkii speel mangled “cinder blicks”–a common name for Concrete Masonry Units.
    Said term of art dating back to a product of limited utility using smelter waste (“cinders”) bonded with lime or portland cement.

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  2. Aa a matter of fact, one can construct a cylinder of CMU. It fust needs to be a shade over 12 feet in diameter.

    Which will require rather more blocks than Spark has in this ad.

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  3. To the Back Wall, the Back Wall
    To wall up the breach
    With cylinder blocks.
    In peace nothing so becomes
    A geometry as a tea cup
    But in War to take up
    The Moebius instead.

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