Post 706: Sitting in a Tree, S-C-RE-AM-I-N-G

Chucky n tiffany – $170
Pickup [Location] ##0 and #0#st only asap
180 for both
They both talk

Sparky has these two dolls. Brand New In Box (Bnib) and they BOTH talk. All the time. So you must pick them up asap. 170 at the top but 180 at the bottom. Sparky is losing his mind. NinjaChow says, Just No. I concur. Go peddle your scary crap somewhere else. Thanks for the ad, NC.


4 thoughts on “Post 706: Sitting in a Tree, S-C-RE-AM-I-N-G

  1. Mental health is often a tragic thing in our modern medical scheme.
    So, I feel sorry that the dolls have to resort to CL to get away from Sparky to get the help they need. . .

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  2. C: Tiffany, hark, it’s Sparky!
    T: Indeed, for it is!
    C: How well I remember that face
    The slack jowls, the drooling
    The confusion over simple maths.
    T: Aye, ’tis true.
    C: Gravedigger, how long hath thes bones resided here?
    G: Since afore Auntie stains on sofa and divan, sire.
    C: We must away to Ophelia, ere she has six score kroner undrownt.

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