Post 707: I Can Relate

Free outside chairs with cousins


Outside chairs with cushions- we got a new set

Sparky is 50-50 in the correct spelling of a word in this ad. But there is every chance that he meant a totally different word altogether. Maybe it’s free outside cousins with cushions. Maybe it’s free chairs outside when he’s inside. Maybe we got a new set of cousins. Maybe the cousins can’t come inside until they get their shots and flea collars.

Whatever the truth is here, I’m glad Ralph spotted it and sent it along.

3 thoughts on “Post 707: I Can Relate

  1. [Calls number] “Hello, Mr Throat Warbler Mangrove.”
    “Err, I was trying to reach [reads] ‘Raymond Luxury-Yacht,’ please.”
    “That’s silly, it’s obviously pronounced ‘Thrat Warbler Mangrove’!”
    “Uh, all I wanted was new outside cousins.”
    “Yes, the anteaters are still available, only 47.783 kwatloo, cheap, really.”
    “No, I wanted cousins.”
    ” ‘Coo-sins?’ What are you, the Spanish Inquistion?”

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  2. We probably ought not speculate on just why, after the change in cousins, a change of cushions was required. And, even then, the chairs, too, must go.

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