Post 708: Grandpa Tales

Riddin mowah (Boggsville) 


Runs goes cuts come an get it done ask if it’s still available because I’ll ignore you

Submitter Ralph explains there is no Boggsville in New Hampshire. The map shows [Location]. I’m thinking somebody’s grandad ran out of things to do so he started selling the stuff in the garage. This is one of the best ever ads that I have seen. Might be a WTF Sparkyville Classic. I done asked to be ignored for that one.


3 thoughts on “Post 708: Grandpa Tales

  1. For what we might presume is a “riding” lawn “mower,” rather conspicuously absent in the photo is a miwer deck. That rather important bit with a spinning blade ubder a shroud.
    For persons further addicted if detail in such things, there is no mention of the cuttings bag or its attachment (rear baggers have a price premium).
    Such mysteries to persist since inquiries are to be ignored.

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  2. A mower that can’t cut grass. . .
    Pretty sure it was George Jones who made famous how, after his third (?) Eide took his car keys for drinking so much, he fired up the mower and rode that to the liquor store.

    Which was in the late 70s, if memory serves.

    So, no points for Griffendore.

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