Post 709: No Rummage For You

Lots of items – Early bird sale
start time: Now to 5 p.m.
Several boxes of things plus “things outside the box”.

I’ll answer emails asking if there are any . . . whatever. (No stereo equipment).

Won’t be having anyone rummaging through the boxes. (That would be a rummage sale).

I’m organizing those items now. This is a pre-sale early bird call.

More items to be photographed.

Just tell me what items you are looking for, what you want, what you really really want. (a spice rack; etc).

Oh, Sparky, how did you know I really really want a spice rack? Or maybe an autographed photo of Tom Jones. Hey, it’s not unusual. Or a yard sale sign! I could really use one of those. Submitter NinjaChow and I agree, Sparky is trying too hard on this one. Pretty sure he’s not even going to catch the worms this time.


5 thoughts on “Post 709: No Rummage For You

  1. “Here, this sale is per box, no matter what trash I put in it” sales never do well, and end less so. (You really want the buyers to dump whatever they feel is trash on your curb?)

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  2. Early bird gets the worm.
    Second mouse gets the cheese.

    I’ll take the cheese, please.
    Wait, the cheese and the worms aren’t in the same box are they?

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