Post 710: Crossed

Christian door FREE 36” wide

post 740 chrisitan door

One 36” wide door by 78” height. 

Hollow Core door blank. 

First come first serve. FREE!!

Hollow? Anyone home? Saw your ad and thought we should come and a door Him. Love all the clips at the top. But a door with no handle is usually called a wall.

Submitter Ralph says, “I’ve never seen this called anything other than a six-panel door, for Christ’s sake.” Yeah, probably looking to draw in more potential takers by calling it Christian. But I think they should have gone with Christian Dior Door.


5 thoughts on “Post 710: Crossed

  1. Most residential doorways are 80″ tall.
    So this beast is going to hang about 2″ above the floor.
    Handy if you’d like air conditioning to flow under; less desireable if attempting to segregate catz, gerbils, snake or the like.

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  2. Doors are fickle things.
    They are vended as “solid,” “solid core,” or “hollow core.”
    A solid door is just that, a monolithic block of material.
    A solid core door has the space between the two visible faces filled in with, something. Perversely, this could be honey-combed materials like wood pulp, hardboard or cardboard (or expanded foam).
    A hollow core door is just that, a frame upon which the yeo door faces are fastened. Such doors are light and easy to swing, but hard to slam. There is also the possibility of caving one or more of the faces, should they be impacted by hurtling dogs or children.

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