Post 711: Unlucky Cat

Siamese Fire-Point cat 
Miko needs a new home. He is a 16 yr. old, pure-bred Siamese Fire-point, INDOOR only & neutered male whom I adopted last year from his original owner. She had to give him up because of allergies in the children she was now living with.
He is very healthy and super handsome.
We thought he would fit in with our family but apparently he would prefer to be an only cat and does not enjoy being tackled by our younger feline. She’s only two and enjoys a good wrestling match which he actually hates.
If you are pet-less at this time and looking for a wonderful, quiet and extremely low maintenance older cat, Miko would love to meet you.
If you are still interested, please address the following questions in your reply to this ad.
Have you had a pet before? Will you be able to ensure that he is your only pet? Do you have a vet that you have used and if so are you ok with providing me with that vets name so that I can make a reference check? I am asking for a re-homing fee if things work out as well as a home visit.
Thank you for taking the time to view!

Miko: Dang it, Sharon! Don’t tell everyone about the wrestling match. I didn’t mind, I just hated losing to a two-year-old. Fine. Answer the questions, people. Get me out of here!

Submitter NinjaChow said the ad just made her sad. Let’s hope Miko finds a better place soon.


5 thoughts on “Post 711: Unlucky Cat

  1. Ok, I’m thinking about how my old v-e-t would have dealt with a phone call from a rando stranger . . .
    Something about being huge, well-behaved, but tries to hide under the sink . . .

    And, if Spark thinks they are getting to snoop inside my house without a background investigation, well . . .

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  2. There’s probably a Titus Andromicus riff in here somewhere (or Lear), but it’s Monday and I’m at work and my imagination has vanished like yesterday’s clouds.

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