Post 712: Mysterious Romance

loST CAT IN [Ish]

post 713 orange cat.png

Missing cat since Jan 22

Submitter NinjaChow asked “Two different ads/and why is the cat blacked out of the pictures in the first ad?” ‘Tis a puzzlement. Maybe the second ad will explain.

missing cat


Missing grey tabby


Pretty sure these two ran away together. In the first ad, Sparky blacked out the images of the gray tabby. Then she went missing, too. Let’s hope their love isn’t star crossed and they are living happily ever after on the streets of [Location].

Looks like we have a Cat Week going here! Hooray!


3 thoughts on “Post 712: Mysterious Romance

  1. There’s probably an excelkent riff to be lifted from Much Ado (with some Romeo), but my brain is just porridge today, and an extra portin appears to have been doled out to some workhouse waif . . .

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