Post 715: Penalty for Overuse of Exclamation Points

 Sago Palm Tree – Free!!!
Come get it. Beautiful Sago ready to be transplanted.

I’m no tree expert, Sparky, but there’s a lot of work involved in digging up a sago palm. The fronds are all sharp and pointy close to the tree. The bigger the trunk of the tree, the bigger the root system. You might need to amend the ad to say, bring your heavy equipment and come get it.

3 thoughts on “Post 715: Penalty for Overuse of Exclamation Points

  1. Ahem, “Ready to Transant” means removed from ground and bagged in burlap (or suitable bucket), placed so that I can drive a suiable vehicle up to collect it.

    What Sparky has is “potentially suitable for transplant.” If likely needing a friendly band of oompa-loopas, brownies, or such similar sylphan as are to hand.

    Spark gives us no indication of scale, but the location by a building suggests needing to rent a mini excavator to get a survivable rootbalk defined (and a butt ton of sharpshooter (shovel) work to get it off the wall.

    So, this “free” palm needs a $350-450 equipment rental, 3-4 stout laborers, and, like as not, something more substantial than a Civic to haul away the gymnosperm to new digs. (Los trabajores will be handy for making a new hole for the “free” Cycas.

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  2. Sire, sire! The Breech!
    Well, wall it up with our English dead.
    Er, none hath died, sire, in fact they are all getting better.
    Well, use the sickly English, then.
    Uh, sire, they say “No estoy Ingles, todos.”
    What? Are they … French?
    Sire, they, uh, decline to answer…
    And there’s a fellow from EPA asking about water permits, and a chap from OSHA wanting to know about liability insurance, workman’s comp, and excavation worker protection. On, and your helm is not worplace safety compliant . . .
    K: muttering…Never answering a Harfleur CL ad ever again . . .

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