Post 728: In Which Sparky Shows His Nuts

Free fallen acorns–you pick


Several oak trees that produce a number crop of large acorns.
You can have as many as you want, but you have to collect from lawn

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Post 727: In Which Sparky Barks Up The Wrong Tree

Over 12ft Cherimoya tree – $300

post 727 tree.jpg

Beautiful Cherimoya tree! Has fruited x1. You will need to dig out of ground! I have soaked the soil! Bring your own tools and manpower!

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Post 725: In Which Sparky Gives Us the Bird

Vintage bamboo bird cage BRAND NEW – $100


Vintage bamboo bird cage $100
Rare and hard to find vintage bamboo bird cage. BRAND NEW and high quality. Comes with two ceramic water cups and hanging hook. Beautifully designed classic look.
Pick up in [Location]. Please email if interested.

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