Post 716: Power to the People

I have three kids, and im ALL DONE. Which means- I want all this baby crap out of my house yesterday.

Boys Clothes up to 5T
Girls clothes up to 12Mo
Tons of Baby Accessories
Kids Toys up the Wahoo
Cribs, Changing Table, Other Furniture-

DINING ROOM TABLE PEOPLE. And other furniture I attempted to make fit into my house, and face it- it just doesn’t. So POOF. Make it go away.

Also will have tons of Household goods, yard stuff, Misc crap I found in the basement while finding all of said baby crap, and some PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR for those interested.

Lets clean out my basement and garage people!

Nothing is going back inside, FREE pile will be massive.

I’m not sure if I’m glad Sparketta didn’t include photos or not. How many of her babies has she had at yard sales? If those toys have been up her wahoo, that’s not a selling point for me. And all this crap she scattered around is disgusting. Submitter Ralph separated this into Table People and Garage People. Bring your wheeled carts and pickup trucks and haul it away.


7 thoughts on “Post 716: Power to the People

  1. I may be over-literal, but a wahoo (A. solandri) cribs are usually called “wiers.” Which will be complicated, as their “hood” is typically pellagic. Unless Spaketta has an oil rig for sale (or for free) to either Table, Garage, or Basement people.

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  2. Out, out, Dam babystuff
    Who knew basements were so full
    Stuff came out forever
    Wash, wash away, lest Tablefolk espy
    And see the sin of it.
    O Duncan, come and rid my yard
    Of the vile stuff, e’en to give it away!
    And quick, ere McDuff lave more besides

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  3. When I was in 2nd grade, we had a board game called Wahoo! It was home-made from probably 3/4in. plywood. It was like Aggravation, but for up to 4 players instead of 6.

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