Post 717: Classic Procrastination

Dinning table and chairs – $1 
The table is oak or pine. Finger joint solid. It has been well used. Would be great for someone who wants to sand it and refinish or paint it or who like me just needed a table that I didn’t cry about when my family abused it. Table is 5ft by 3ft.

There are 2 green wood chairs and 4 of the vinyl dark brown chairs. Vinyl seats are in rough condition but not torn.

Table abuse! Not only is Sparky bad at spelling, but seems to be encouraging abusive behavior around wood furniture. Also, I waited too long to get to this one and the pictures are gone. I bet they were really awful.

Submitter NinjaChow found this YSaC Classic more than a year ago. So it’s probably sold by now. Enjoy your dollar, Sparky. And thanks, NC, for the great submissions. Now to find a random table with miss-matched chairs to use here.


3 thoughts on “Post 717: Classic Procrastination

  1. Green wood is not generally preferred for furniture making.
    Or for ship building.
    Or fire making, really.
    Some tiny use as whole logs for cabin building, but you have to accept that it will be smelly.

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  2. Er, “finger jointed” is a specific term in wood working. It’s a awy to use smaller pieces of wood glued together to create larger ones.
    The term comes from the long, beveled, cuts each piece is given before being dipped in a high-strength resin glue and then cured at high temperatures and pressure (or a combo of UV & RF).

    It does hace a distinct pattern that is obvious to see. Because the glue is harder than the wood, it’s horrible to machine. Which is just one of the reasons it’s not used in furniture making.

    So, a finger jointed table is about as likely as a honda civic made of cabbage.

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