Post 718: Tally Ho!

Free small Chase lounge


Free small Chase lounge fair condition.

I was chased at a fair once. Once.

This small, free lounge must be chased, apparently. How did it get up on that pile of boxes? Submitter Ralph suggests we chase it back down to the ground. That would certainly make it easier to catch. I can’t imagine it can run very fast in that skirt. Well, I must be off. I need to find a chaise lounge for after the hunt.

5 thoughts on “Post 718: Tally Ho!

  1. Well, goven that the lounge pictured does not have running shoes, I imagine any chase would be short. Unless the chaser were in, say, stilettos or the like . . .

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  2. Mable, I dun chased the lounge upin em boxes agin. Shud we’n call Far Deepartmen agin?
    Nope, av ad enou, putter on CL, an righ’ now, Clem! Y’hearn me? Now!

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  3. O what is that I see risen in the East
    Is it the Dawn?
    No, it’s the lounge.
    But, you mean tis not fair Juliet?
    Nope, to addled gerkin, we chase’t it there
    O so wicked, to drive so mean
    Why hast born my Juliet’s dunny e’en
    You git, it ran away from ‘er
    Why do you think we gave chase
    A trollop, too, for flashing ankle from beneath skirts, too.
    Thus have we called Inquisitors
    To cart such heresy off to their lairs
    Aye, that’ll show it its wickedness
    With Rack and Comfy Chair.

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