Post 720: Early Man

Ineedcement ([Location)
Cement basement
In a shoot
Delivery cement
[Location] xx

In the dawn of the written language, punctuation had not yet been invented. The Space Bar wasn’t open until much later. And since there were no guns, a shoot or a chute meant the same thing. I wonder if Sparky made enough sense to communicate with a cementdeliveryproviderwithashoot. We may never know. Thanks, Ralph. I wonder about New England, where women are strong and men arelearningtotype.


4 thoughts on “Post 720: Early Man

  1. This was posted in the “Free” section of CL. Sparky seems to think there are roaming herds of cement trucks eager to take a dump in his basement. That species went extinct at the end of the Upper Preposterous Period.

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  2. Harumph. Cement, n., an adhesive for bonding materials together, either by chemically welding or forming a solid matrix around aggregate or between planar surfaces. Also, contraction of “Portland Cement, an adhesive mineral compound produced by baking powdered limestone in a kiln.

    Commonly confused with concrete an engineered structual material, which has Portland cement as an ingredient.

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