Post 722: Junket

Free pet friendly black couch



Black fake leather couch. Dog living household before me and with me. You must get not hauling to you. Serious inquiries only

Thou shalt have no other dogs before me. You must haul the black couch —

Brown, sire.

Brown? Are you sure? Maybe it’s just the lighting.

Almost certain, sire.

Oh, intercourse the color! I’m not hauling it to anyone. Only call if you are serious, this is no laughing matter.

But everybody likes the bit with the dog.

Thanks for the ad, Ralph.


4 thoughts on “Post 722: Junket

  1. Oh, Dog, why hast thou foresaken me?
    Wanted brown couch not black.
    But, Dog, what have I not done for you? Scruffs, treats, squeeky toys?
    Coulda got a couch that dint smeel of other dogs–do you unnerstan how disstraxking tha is?
    Now, haul this away or I shall disdain you.

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  2. Here, haul my couch away, I won’t even put in the garage on on the curb.

    It will smell like two dogs to your dog. For a dog, that’s like seeing the VM or message machine blink, but only a dial tone is recorded.
    For the dog, the sensory apparatus will say “dogs are here” but not bd e able to see them. Basically, ghosts. Not part of the Pack, yet, in the lair, Every Single Day.
    A possessive dog will continually try and scent mark that couch. Some dogs are going to piddle on it. Others will chew on it.
    All of which are preventable–just leave the sofa at Spark’s.

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