Post 726: Moose, No Squirrel

Moose antlers w/skulls – $750
43 wide x 23 high
Has not typical antlers.
Mounding bracket on back for hanging.
Pick-up and cash only

Ah, Sparky. Let’s start at the very beginning. Moose antlers but are the skulls moose, too? 43 what wide? 23 which high? Has not the typical antlers waited upon our winter of discount tents? I would almost buy this for the mounding bracket on back for hanging. I thought it was Tango and Cash. They did have a pick-up, sort of. Submitter NinjaChow says “You really can find anything on Craigslist.” Yes, that’s what keeps us in business.

3 thoughts on “Post 726: Moose, No Squirrel

  1. Hmm, so, just how many moose skulls do you have?
    Atypical antlers, you say? Just how? Boone & Crockett or per which agency?

    Also, moose shed their antlers after rut, the only way to find them attached to the skull is if they die during rut.
    And given that your stated dimension is around 48″ that suggests young bulls, so, either there are some very large (and very hungry) wolves about, the only other source of that many yearling skulls would seem to be poaching.

    Trafficking in ill-gotten goods is a crime (even in Canada).

    Poachers give me hives, and hanging is probably too good for them. And, no, I don’t want to hear how po’ an’ ‘ungry you and your get are–a yearling bull will dress out about just shy of a quarter ton. 400# for family of 4 is 2# each per week. You ain’t hungry enough to need 4 moose to eat,

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