Post 725: In Which Sparky Gives Us the Bird

Vintage bamboo bird cage BRAND NEW – $100


Vintage bamboo bird cage $100
Rare and hard to find vintage bamboo bird cage. BRAND NEW and high quality. Comes with two ceramic water cups and hanging hook. Beautifully designed classic look.
Pick up in [Location]. Please email if interested.

Vintage is a great word, Sparky. It means rather the opposite of BRAND NEW. As submitter NinjaChow asks, “Vintage or brand new, which is it, Sparky?” I think he should have stuck with classic look, myself. Also, the hook is for hanging, not actually hanging itself. No email necessary.


2 thoughts on “Post 725: In Which Sparky Gives Us the Bird

  1. Want to know why bamboo cages are “vintage”?
    Stick a Norwegian Blue or an African Gray in there and wait 5 minutes.

    A Maccaw? Don’t make the bird laugh at you.

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