Post 727: In Which Sparky Barks Up The Wrong Tree

Over 12ft Cherimoya tree – $300

post 727 tree.jpg

Beautiful Cherimoya tree! Has fruited x1. You will need to dig out of ground! I have soaked the soil! Bring your own tools and manpower!

Un. Believable. You are going to charge me an ourtrageous amount of money AND make me dig it up myself? Who do you think you are, the King of Sparkyville? Who do you think I am? While you’re soaking the soil, Sparks, go soak your head, too. Maybe something will grow.


4 thoughts on “Post 727: In Which Sparky Barks Up The Wrong Tree

  1. Er, what part of Ish is this from.
    Checking the guidebooks, the “Custard Apple” wants to be at 4900-6000′ avove MSL, in a climate that runs only 60-68°, and gets 31-39″ of average rainfall.

    So, it’s not going to do well in a cheap walmart pot in sparkiiviile.

    Which may explain how this got to be 12 foot tall (apx 3 years’ growth) snd only fruited the once.

    Mind, as a non-native fruit bearing plant, you are required to have a Federal permit to import one into the US (and, typically, State Ag import licenses, too).

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  2. Spark’s ad after reality filter.
    Hi, I dun snuch this plant in from (Peru,Equador, or Mexico), an it grows but doan coff up Ice Cream fruit but oncet, do it’s a ripp off.
    So, you gimmee tree hunnert, and dig it out yurself–I aint helpin.

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  3. Ok, my mor Ag versed compatriots tell me tha, this might actually Atemoya (A squamosa x A.cherimola) which has been cultivated in the West Indies and Florida.

    You’d have to see the fruit to be sure. The cross produces hemaphroditic blossoms, so, you have to manually pollenate to get guaranteed fruit production.

    The hybrid would need Fed Ag permits if sourced offshore, State permits if from Florida (Fed if crossing a USDA Climate Zone boundary). Will grow at lower altitude and ar a greater temperature range, but still needs lots of water.

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