Post 728: In Which Sparky Shows His Nuts

Free fallen acorns–you pick


Several oak trees that produce a number crop of large acorns.
You can have as many as you want, but you have to collect from lawn

That sentence about the oak trees, that’s not a complete sentence. Submitter Ralph avers that Sparky is Nuts. Hence his insistence that you collect from the lawn. Lawns are notoriously hard to collect from. I see the large acorns but I don’t see the number crop. At least he’s not charging people for the windfall.

4 thoughts on “Post 728: In Which Sparky Shows His Nuts

  1. So, no indication of how mant squirrels and woodchucks, and chipmonks you will have to fight off for this bounty?

    Nature abhors a vacuum–Spark’s nuisance nuts are some woodrat’s fortune.

    One needs caution in depriving the wealthy of their riches, unless one is willing to go without cullottes and hauling a Guillotine about. (Rodent Vigilance Committees are so hard to keep focused, too . . .)

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  2. Ok, humans, really stout humans, can make a sort of “brittle” from acorns. But, they have to be fresh, and not have been wet from rain, dew, or whatever.
    You then have to roast the acorns untill they just brown (there are like micrograms of fructose in a given acorn, so they go from green to charred in less than an eyeblink).

    Typically, this is an exercise fobbed off on Scouts or similar people in Survival training (and not great Survival training, as it’s only available like 3 weeks of the year, and needs baking sheets, controlled temperature ovens, and a kilo of brown sugar).

    So, Spark’s imagined “market” for acorns is going yo be largely imaginary.

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  3. Wait, now it makes sense, Spark is a chipmonk. Which would explain the bad grammar and the imagining acorns as wealth.
    Or a Golgafringian–not that is a fine distinction.

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