Post 729: A Hanging Offense

Hanging pots rack – $40


Hanging pots rack in great condition including hooks

I am pretty sure pots are legal in this state or nearly so. Hanging would be a bit much for possession, don’t you think? The hooks look oddly unprofessional. And there’s no mention of how to mount this on a ceiling or getting the chains shown in the one photo. But if your kitchen is sunny enough, you could probably grow a lof of pots with this thing.


2 thoughts on “Post 729: A Hanging Offense

  1. That’s an el cheapo rack that you can get . . . for about $40 . . . new . . . in the box . . . with the chains and mounting hooks.

    For a bit more–like around $60–you can get a better rack, with better hooks–adjustable ones so you can fit the 5 quart pot in next to the sauté pan–or whatever works best for your kitchen.
    Oh, and you can get different shapes, like straight bars, rectangles, “D” shapes, all to need.

    Don’t take you poor kitchen choices out on us, Spark’

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  2. I have been asked “Why leave all the pots and pans out where everyone can see?”
    Uh, have you priced AlClad? Or the high-end Calaphon and Cuisinart?
    No way am I leaving that in a cupboard to get dusty!
    Also, I’m not leaving them to get all dinged up banging around inside a cabinet, either.

    So, yes, a rack or open shelving is my choice.

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