Post 730: Solid as the Air in the Tires

1964 Travelmaster 18 foot – $1500
Solid travel trailer needing minor repair and a toilet. Ca. title, last registered about 30 years ago. Tires about 10 years old, holding air

Please look at each photo carefully while repeating,”$1500″ over and over. This has been your negative zen moment for the week. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Post 730: Solid as the Air in the Tires

  1. Spark has, ahem, an inflated opinion of what “solid” is, viz a viz trailets.

    While there is a connotation in used trailers for “solid” meaning good frame, axles, and body, that definition gets strict in the details. Like being waterproof. Not needing hard-to-source plumbing parts. Or, having potential water damage needing extensive tear out.

    Oh, and, in the last 30 years, environmental rules have changed, significantly. You need some sophisticated holding tanks on tracel trailers. And a set of modern fittings for being able to connect to campground facilities.
    Thirty years ago, your sinks could run out on the ground, a graywater tank was not required.

    Spark needs to knock a zero off the price to even start.

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  2. Laws, this is CL, laws doan ‘ply.

    Pretty sure CA does not permit unlicensed trailers on public thoroughfares. That there is a quite reasonable presumption that one can title a trailer without moving it.

    Sorry, Spark, your garbage sale fails

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