Post 731: Jarring Encounter

Sparky: Betsy Annabelle, you know what my Man Cave really needs to set the mood?

Betsy Annabelle: More Cheez-Wiz sculptures? A couple more pallets to hang and throw axes at? Another beer fridge?

Sparky: Yes, all of that and a deadly Sea Snake in a glass jar full of that stuff Uncle JoBob used to keep Auntie Maggie Elaine’s toes in when they fell off.

Betsy Annabelle: Yur in luck, Sparky. Saw one t’other day on Craigslist in Antiques.

Sparky: By gum, woman! Let’s you and me go get it!

Taxidermy Wet Specimen Seasnake King Snake Man Cave 🐍 – $79
Cool Authentic Taxidermy Wet Specimen Seasnake or King Snake in Glass Jar. This is in Very Good Condition. Great for Snake Collectors. Reptile Enthusiast. Collage Student Dorm Rooms. Man Caves. Steam Punk.
Please call Shelly or Daniel Thanks

Steam Punk for the win! I have yet to see a cosplayer in Steam Punk gear without a wet specimen.


8 thoughts on “Post 731: Jarring Encounter

  1. Not even resembling a zoologist in the slightest (not even on tv), I’m reasonably sure that the taxonomy of King snakes and seasnakes is like miles apart on the tree of Serpenta.
    And, that’s likely to be the first question evey visitor is going to ask: “What kinda snake izzat?”

    And, in my entirely limited experience, King snakes are about a meter long, and sea snakes of a similar size. Which is not what a person would cann a handy size to plop in a mason or ajax jar.

    After all, lore tells us tgat Titans, Giants and the like were rather carnivorous and unlikely to consume pickles, which makes the market for gallon pickling jars pretty slim.

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  2. Clem, wassat?
    Dunno, spotz, mebbe snek?
    Wake, puttit in sumpin.
    Dunno, Unc’ Cleats jars?
    Wazinim? Turpentyne? Shine?
    Taint no diff, jus clost lid quick.
    Now wut?
    Sale im innit City!


  3. Overpriced and misidentified. This appears to be a baby Rat Snake of some kind. Unless you know what the preservative is, don’t expect it to last long. Alcohol will dessicate it and leave you with a shriveled large shoelace. Formalin will discolor.

    Snake collectors and reptile enthusiasts prefer live specimens in heated herp rooms. The alcohol in their man caves does not contain snakes.

    I have no idea what use this would have for Steam Punk —fuel? Forget the snake — I suspect Sparky has been licking toads.

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  4. There are 179 wet specimens listed on eBay. Only three of these are vertebrates, which tells you this is a terrible technique for a realistic presentation of any animal that doesn’t have an exosketelton. It was popular for museum specimens in the 19th and early 20th century when they didn’t have anything like freeze-drying or plastination available. Wet specimens are still used for dissection and education, but usually not display, except for historical purposes, like at the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

    The best wet specimen is a live one, in water. Preferably a mermaid.

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