Post 732: Banana Nose

New Zealand Kiwi bird -it talks! – $10


approximately 7 inches high – battery operated and he repeats back what you say…cool toy or souvenir before or after you travel!

I believe Sparky has misidentified this species. That is obviously a Banana Nose Pseudoavian. A real kiwi doesn’t talk, doesn’t have such a thick beak, and doesn’t sit like that. For $10, if the batteries are included, that would be okay.

Submitter NinjaChow says, “Even toy pets aren’t safe from the ruthless re-homing Sparky.” If someone doesn’t buy this soon, it will be rehomed to the junk pile or the trash heap. Sad.


5 thoughts on “Post 732: Banana Nose

  1. Er, we have to accept that this could be some reference to the fruit . . .
    In which case, a banananana for a nose is only odd, and not perverse.
    Although a fuit with wings, feet, a head, and the ability to parrot speech does beggar imagination.

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  2. Sadly, we also have to consider if this is some sort of defamation of the people of New Zealand (aka “kiwis”).
    Although, who might be that base is confusing, as that’s like defaming puppies or a basket of kittens.

    That, and the kiwis I have met, while generally flightless, were perfectly capable of independent communications, and did not have fruit shaped noses (but, did appreciate a good Raymond Luxury-Yacht joke).

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