Post 733: Unsafe at Any Speed

Large Safe, door missing – FREE
Large Safe, door missing

I guess Sparky has a Large Unsafe, really. It’s free. Wonder how much it weighs? Will it be easy to move? Will it be easy to replace the door? Will it still be safe when I put a roll-up door on it with a deadbolt?

Sparky doesn’t want to share too much information, it seems. As submitter Ralph said, this is “No longer safe.” Upwards of 400 pounds of no longer safe, too. A few sites I checked seem to think putting a new door on a safe wouldn’t be difficult. Now I want to know how the door came off this not safe.

Enough questions. Hand in your answers in essay form by the end of the day.

3 thoughts on “Post 733: Unsafe at Any Speed

  1. How easy a new door will be, will depend upon the brand of safe this is–a rather major detail Spark has omitted.

    AmSec, Grafenwher, Gardal, ok, hard “maybe” for new door.

    But, really, this is most likely a UL testing discard, or an insurance write-off discard (hence no door).
    If it was UL tested, it eirher was brought up to 3000° for 30 minutes, then kept above 800° for eight futher hours, or it was subjected to a burglary test, where lab guys are given various tools and timed for how long it takes the break in. Neirher if which leaves the box unscathed.

    If an insurance write-off, it’s either been in a fire, a burglary, or a flood. Again, nothing that would not leave the thing unscathed.

    If this were as easy fix, Spark would have, already, and not abandoned the thing in a storage locker.

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  2. A safe, by any other name, is not a safe
    Prickly with thorns, doth it make us bleed
    Are we then a knave, jackanape, or ass
    So, into breach, we are to fill it with
    What, precisely, English muffins?

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  3. This thing is an antique, with external hinge pins on both sides. It looks like it is missing not one, but two doors.

    I don’t think this deserves any doors.


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