Post 734: Won’t Fit in the Toyota

Custom Bookcase
Custom bookcase in very good condition. 9’4” long, 48” high and 12” deep. It’s all in one piece so two people and a truck will be needed.

This is a lovely bookcase. Seems it was specifically made for the house it’s in now. Pretty sure a pick up truck won’t work to move this. A moving truck would work. So make sure one of the two people knows how to drive trucks.

Good luck, Sparky, you will need it.


4 thoughts on “Post 734: Won’t Fit in the Toyota

  1. The last “CAFE” auto standards actually gave the automakers good reasons to make their trucks bigger. However that size increase has been mostly in the cab, not the bed. Go figure.

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  2. If a person was obe of the few that has a pickup with an eight foot bed, that also does not have a toolbox taking up a couple of those feet, a 9′-8″ bookcase would, just, fit with tailgate down.
    Many straps would be wanted. And padding for the tailgate, to keep from breaking same. Also, some sort of alert flag is wanted in most states.
    But, this is all “just barely.”

    The real question becomes “will it fit out the door where it is?” Followed by “will it fit getting in its proposed destination?”

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  3. This fits in my Toyota Sienna minivan with the rear hatch open. The minivan will hold a 4 x 8′ sheet of plywood flat, or 10′ framing lumber diagonally into the front seat space — try that with a pickup. And has Sparky ever heard of a roof rack? I carry 16′ canoes on my minivan easily, and lots of people carry multiple kayaks as big as this on cars. Then there is a device called a trailer….

    And is it too difficult for Sparky to elaborate on what “custom” material this is made from? Solid wood? Veneer? Plastic laminate?

    Forget two people with a truck. One person with a brain will be needed first.

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