Post 736: Ten-Four, Proceed with Caution

Man Cave lightbar fire truck light bar,federal signal streethawk – $100
condition: good
make / manufacturer: Federal Signal
model name / number: Streethawk
Old retired Federal Signal Streethawk f.i.r.e. truck 48 inch lightbar. All 5 rotators work. 95 fpm, gears and shaft just greased. Has room for more options, domes nice,some scratches,minor lens crack. no mounting feet for vehicle included. Good lightbar for your man cave. has 2 wires 6 feet.
To use in your home you just need a power converter from 12v to 120v to your home.
Contact EMAIL ONLY. Cash only. price firm. no trades, no shipping. If ad is here I still have it.

This man cave of which you speak. Do you hold raves there? Are strobing red lights all the rage now? I don’t think I wanted to know that you just greased the shaft and you still have it. Have fun, Sparky, I believe we are done here.


2 thoughts on “Post 736: Ten-Four, Proceed with Caution

  1. Ok, do much wrong here.
    Like, wall power in the US is 120VAC, so you want to step that down to 12VDC, not vice versa.
    Unless you live on a boat, many boats use 12VDC, in which case, you need no transformer or inverter (for the lightbar, at least).
    Spark appears to know something of the mechanics of lightbars but does not know there is a small but thriving community of fire equipment restorers who need stuff like this.
    Sheesh, spark, it’s too early for this much brane stuf

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  2. Ok, why “fire” in title, and “f.i.r.e.” in body?
    Selling emergency lights to non emergency personnel has a bunch of regulations, but, er, fail.

    I hestiate to even ask, let alone surmise what “fpm” are. Especially as, by inference, this bar uses rotating lights, which ought to be rpm . . .

    O my brane!

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