Post 737: Not of Human Kindness

MALK Cold pressed, organic almond milk
Cold pressed. USDA organic
sell by date 09/11/19
still good for a while.

(checks watch) Sparky, this is so not good. I even think it’s not legal. Have you kept it refrigerated all this time? I wonder if I can make almond yogurt. Have to pass this time. Not even sorry to miss it.


4 thoughts on “Post 737: Not of Human Kindness

  1. I think that so long as you’ve milked the almond within a year of the best-by date, you’ll be fine. But I’ve been doing a lot of reading on USDA regulations lately with my new job and it’s shocking just how few almond-dairy farm regulations there are when it comes to proper milking day recordings. Those poor almonds are being milked round the clock and no one is taking any sort of records! I, personally, am boycotting almond milk until the USDA puts out more regulations regarding the ethical treatment of almonds. PETAlmonds.

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  2. [Technical corey]
    I’m not entirely sure almond milk requires refrigeration–that it’s only our perception that milk ought be cold.

    I’m also not entirely sure just what ingredient “goes off” in the brew, si the “sell by” date may just be a way to force grocers to buy more.


  3. And, once again, we see sparkii responding to stimuli to form. Baked out of their gourd, and desiring pizza, but having no dosh, they have cast about their hovel for something to sell to sate their cravings.

    Poor sparkii


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