Post 739: The Windblown Look

Storage shed – needs major repairs
Metal shed with wood foundation
This shed blew over and collapsed. It’s broken but could be put back together or used as parts for another project. Thanks.
size / dimensions: 9ft 8in x 4ft 3in x 6ft

Putting Shed Back Together

Step 1: Roll it over until the wooden foundation touches the earth.

Step 2: Yank on various bits to square them up.

Step 3: Curse mightily when metal fatigue causes huge rips in the walls.

Step 4: Duct tape.

Step 5: Watch the wind knock it over again.

Step 6: Craigslist

This has been very instructional. I’m wondering in which dimension this shed measures 9ft 8in x 4ft 3in x 6ft. Perhaps the path it left when it blew over?


4 thoughts on “Post 739: The Windblown Look

  1. While there is a great truth in that anything made, once un-made, can be repaired to some level aproximating original condition. But there always remains the fundamental question of whether one should.

    Even with fully renewable resources, there remains a moral component to such decisions.

    As sparkii make all to evident, they are as iunbound by morality as a common virus (and as uncaring).

    Sigh, perhaps I ought sort out what seems to be my own viral affliction this morning before attempting to sanitize Spark’s.

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  2. Even in dry places, like SE CA, wood foundations are just not a good idea.

    Unless one is keen to create more habitat for various spores abd fungi, along with a number of terrestrial insects.

    Fail, Sparky, even before huffing puffing blew your shed down.

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