Post 740: Switch and Bait?

Free two Drawer
Free two solid wood Drawer need a truck..

Nothing really wrong with the ad until you look at the pictures. Then you have a multiple questions.

Is Sparky trying to say there are 2 dressers available? That one has 2 drawers and Sparky doesn’t have time to count the rest? One of the drawers is solid wood and the rest cardboard? Does Sparky need a truck? A dictionary? A brain? This can’t be that hard! I think I ruptured some brain cells there. Have a great weekend. Ow.


5 thoughts on “Post 740: Switch and Bait?

  1. Well, at least Spark’s phone speeled out “drawers.” So, we are spared the additional confusion “dtaws” would have added.

    This contraction is spreading, too. Otherwise educated people referring to the furniture item not as a “dresser” nor a “chest of drawers,” but as just “draws.”

    And goven the nature of pronunciation in Texas, a person is durst hard to figger iffin iz furnit’r entire, jaist one’t fave-sider’d boxes wit’in, or unnergarmints bein’ reffer’d t’.

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  2. [Sir Richard] Here we see the rare confluence of the four-drawer dresser and the five-drawer chest together in the wild. Seldom seen due to the different habitats they prefer. Having come together like this, they may mate, and produce the very rare six-sided octagon. But, that is extremely rare as most such matings are infertile.

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