Post 742: Unkept Bees ISO Keeper

Free for the taking


They want a place where they can live free
condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Bees
model name / number: nest

O bees! You are the pollinators of Life, keeping our crops alive and fertile. Your presence is a sign that we humans haven’t quite killed ourselves off yet. Go, Live Free! Just not in my back yard.

Thanks, Ralph. I haven’t seen a bee hive like that one before. One could almost wear it as a Halloween mask. Almost.


5 thoughts on “Post 742: Unkept Bees ISO Keeper

  1. This may be a case where every yellow and black insect is called a “bee.”
    While I’m not familiar with all 50-60 species of North American bees, that looks rather like the nest of one of the “paper” wasps/hornets.
    Which are, typicalky, not harbingers of joy, mirth, cross-pollination, but bundles of irascible fury, all named Janet, and likely to attempt to sting your manager clean to death over the least thing.

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  2. The mere fact that Spark’ took no effort to even try to photo the inhabitants of that lair, speaks volumes.

    There’s a rather mean critter, the red-faced hornet, which likes colonizing other creature’s nests (like active yellow jackets, as a for instance).

    Said creatures from Dante’s lower basements could just be lurking, biding their time to ATTACK! BANZAI! KILL! KILL! KILL!

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  3. Having approached the Tree of Ultimate Evil, Arthur faced a dilemma. He had expended the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch at the Cave of Impentrable Peril. And, there were rather a lot of vacancies around the round table at present, so, a frontal assault was Right Out.

    The lack of uninjured manpower prevented using a ruse, such as a Wicker Nic Cage, or a Wattled Wease . . .
    Which only left one thing, put a For Sale Free ad in CL. Surely some dopers in need of pizza money would fix the problem…

    Now, to find Sir Belvedere and his gourd based wifi . . .

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