Post 743: Out with the Old

New Egg Cartons
New Unused, no print or stickers chicken egg cartons.
340 in total, 100 per bag.
15cents per carton
sell the lot for $45

Sparky. You have these bags of cartons. There are 100 per bag. How did you end up with 340 cartons total? Also, as contributor NinjaChow asks, why did you post these under pets? Probably saw how successful Pet Rocks had been and hoped to corner the market on Pet Cartons.

Thanks again, NC. I think next week we’ll jump on a Pet Week for the heck of it.


3 thoughts on “Post 743: Out with the Old

  1. People who keep laying hens are always in need of egg cartons. The cartons wear out, get loaned away, whatever.

    However, few of those people with that need will think to look other than in the For Sale or Barter pages.

    “The whole point of a Doomsday Device is that you don’t keep it secret!”

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  2. Hmm, catmath afoot.
    At 100 per bag, there are 3.4 bags,xas bags are typically integer values, we must presume three full and one 4/10 full.

    Using ordinary math, 340 x 15 cents = $51, so, Spark’s price of $45 is a pleasant $6 knock off (40 cartons’ worth at stated value).

    Call me cynical (many do), but, 300 x 15 = 45, so, maybe there’s not actually another 40 in the partial bag. It might be 40ish. Now, I feel like I need closure on the “ish”; could it be a haunted hawk? A haunted Chickenhawk? A snake recently in a couch?
    The mind reels.

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