Post 744: The Terrible Twos

Pet Week! Cats and Dogs posting together!

German Shepherd
I am looking to re home our 2 year old pure bred (no papers) male we have had him since he was 9 weeks old.he has been neutered and had all shots and has a ear tattoo all papers available. he is friendly with adults and small children and all types of dogs large or small.we have a cat but he will chase her as she wants nothing to do with him and runs when she sees him. he has had basic obedience training.we are doing this as my wife and i both are still working and we are are finding that we no longer have enough time to spend with him, also he wont listen to my wife very well .he still needs more obedience training and lots of exercise as he is still full of energy.if you are interested give us a call and we can set up a time so you can come by and meet Jax. there will be a adoption fee that will be discussed.DO NOT REPLY unless YOU are interested in adopting Jax.MY questions for you will be, have you had large dogs before,do you have a fenced yard,i will want to know where you live and be able to visit your home to see what his living accommodation will be.again DO NOT reply unless YOU are interested in adopting Jax.thanks

Professor NinjaChow speaks fluent Sparky, against her will. Translation: We are too lazy to bother to train our dog, you take him. Also Sparky is going to be super picky about the adopting party. Seems odd that someone who failed this pet wants the poor dog to go away happy. Too little, too late.

Thanks, NinjaChow, for this and all the posts this week.


3 thoughts on “Post 744: The Terrible Twos

  1. Very creepy that they want to see the other house & yard.
    Makes a person wonder, if “Jax” gets trained properly, that he might go missing one night . . .

    Or, perhaps Sparnk intends on hanging withe “their” dog in its new home, where servants will do all the hard work . . .

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  2. “[P]ure bred (no papers)” represents a fundamental misunderstanding of how this works. How any of this works.

    It is an obvious nanipulation to impute value upon an asset you do not actually value.

    Spark, your obvious lack of breeding is far too obvious.

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