Post 745: I am Smiling

Pet Week! Only Adorable Pets Allowed.

Adorable little kitten ready to go today


Hoping to rehome this pretty girl today as I’m heading out for vacation tomorrow. She is dewormed, had a flea treatment done last week, fully healthy, weaned off her mother, eating solids, litter trained without issue.
She’s 8 weeks old!
Extremely playful but very shy at first. She’ll do good around other animals. Asking a small rehoming fee of $100 to ensure she goes to a good home!
Thank you

Submitted by Pet Expert NinjaChow, who asks, “Have you heard of a kennel/pet sitter, Sparky?” My guess is the answer is no. Also, if this kitten was just weaned off her mom, what’s going on with Mama Cat while Sparky goes on vacay? Also, I bet Sparky needs that $100 rehoming fee to go on vacation. Thanks, NC, another great one.


2 thoughts on “Post 745: I am Smiling

  1. I suspecr dear ninjachow may have too much fairh in humanity, and all 8 of the kittens, and momma, too, are being used to fund the vacation. [righteousangerfac]

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