Post 746: One of Each, Please

Pet week rolls to an end in a seasonally appropriate and scary way!

Looking for a child friendly pet to join our family


We are offering an experienced and loving home to a toddler loving pet.
Has your pet been raised from birth around small kids?
Does your pet love attention, action and noise?
Does your pet want endless days full of petting, playing, chasing and snuggling?
If yes, we have the perfect home!
Open to dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, chickens/birds, rats. We’ve even once fostered a pig 😁
If you know an animal who LOVES kids and is in need of a loving home, please reach out 💗

This would be the perfect moment for a Winston and Pickles episode. You know, the guinea pigs from the original YouSuckatCraigslist site. They were always getting into scrapes and then using their imaginations to get out again. Like being adopted by an overly affectionate toddler who fills their days with love, action, noise, endless petting, playing, chasing, snuggling, and running for their lives! AAUUUGGGHHH!!!! Oh, wow. What a nightmare. NinjaChow warned me, “This terrifies me for some reason.” I totally get it. Just hope these people don’t.


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