Post 748: On Shore Sale

50′ Power coed – $25
Heavy duty extension cord in great shape
Change out the plugs and you can have a great shore power cord

Okay, but, what happened to the coed? How could you lose track of a 50’ young woman? Especially one that has been modified like Iron Man with extra power. Sparky, you just made a bad decision.

4 thoughts on “Post 748: On Shore Sale

  1. 50′ coed is going to be innatwly powerful–4 strory gravity well is like that.
    Not sure what a titaness would weight lift with, a bus perhaps (preferably w/o passengers).
    Have to presume a distaff collegian of M. Novaeangliae proportions would have to be asked, very nicely, before obe went about changing the plug ends, though . . .

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  2. A shore power cord is a great boon to those with moored vessels, as they can use land-based electricity rather than having to run a generator. Which is often a requirement, as most marinas would rather not have the miasma of all the internal vombustion run generators louring over the waters.

    To make the connections “simple” a female receptacle is typically provided. The shore power cord then needs two male ends.

    Shore powee, in the US is supplied at 110VAC typically. Which can present an issue when cruising to non-US ports. This can, sometimes, be sorted with a vtage adapter.
    However, most boats run on lower voltage DC systems–typically 12VDC, but also 6 & 24 volt. So, there are inverters built in. Which is where it gets wobbly. Stepping 50Hz 208 down to 6VDC is a bit dicey through a “traveler” outlet adapter when attempting to ooerate an entire boat.

    Also, you are around water, potentially sea water. This is not a situation where most people are going to want to rely on some sparkii-bodged hac job on some did not sell at the garage sale extension cord.

    The marina will be as miffed if you short their power out as if you set your own boat on fire while sleeping within.

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