Post 750: Hale and Farewell

Free Hay Bales
I have 8 hale bales in my backyard that we don’t need anymore. They’ve been outside for about 8 months. Used as bow-n-arrow targets. Definitely not recommended for indoor use, but perfect for outside Halloween or Fall decor! All 8 in tact, a couple with a bit of mold from water, but you just need to flip them. If you want them…come and get them. They are pretty heavy, so it will take two people to move them

If these bales are as hale as you say, why can’t they move themselves? A bit of mold might be the death of some people. Which would make for a great Halloween Haunted House affect. Have 911 on speed dial.


4 thoughts on “Post 750: Hale and Farewell

  1. [Agricorey]probably bales of straw not hay.
    “Hay” is full cut grass with seed & germ intact, ergo: feed.
    “Straw” is the remaining vegetable stalk after edible parts are removed–s ou, no food value, but can be used for bedding.

    Straw is more traditionally used as an archery target for being more forgiving to arrow heads. But, there are numerous urbane ninnyhammers who use hay instead.


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  2. Hmm, heavy _and_ moldy, ger, way to upsell your discards there, Spark.
    Oh, and ignore all the arrow holes poked in, too.
    Or has home archery devolved to the exercycle under all the dirty clothes?

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