Post 751: Boo Bees

Halloween Bee Removal-Hire the Guy Who Will Treat You With His Tricks
Hello and Happy Halloween. Did you happen to acquire a beehive in that old coffin that you have stored in the backyard? If so call a beekeeper to have the bees relocated alive. No killing ever. I work with Russian bees all day everyday. No big deal. Nothing to see here. My bees are used to pollinate in the almond orchards of central valley. Insured and bonded.
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No kill I. No big deal. Having bees in your old coffin isn’t so bad, really. Unless you aren’t actually dead. Just remember, in Russia, the bees pollinate you.

3 thoughts on “Post 751: Boo Bees

  1. Puir Spatk, what of that sad grouping that refers to all yellowish insects as “bees”?

    That coffin’ sized nest of yellow jackets might be hard to relocate. That, and wasps, on the whole, are mediocre pollinators, as they forage on live prey, typically.

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