Post 753: My Little Furry

If interested call

This could be how it all starts. Your little one wants to dress up as a Brony. He starts to hang out with others who like the same thing. And before you know it, you have to pick him up from the police station because another kid ripped up his mane and tail. Don’t worry, he should outgrow it by the time he gets to High School Unless there is an on-campus club for furries. Anyway, it’s a harmless and fun thing for kids to do. Just don’t Google anything,

3 thoughts on “Post 753: My Little Furry

  1. Wait, I’ve read this through three times–what are we getting for $35? Being Bro-rific?
    I see no mention of trade, sale, or other transaction.
    We already saw the crummy photos, so, why do we have to pay to show interest?
    Are we going to jave to sell laubdry soap to our friends & family in a pyramid scheme?

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