Post 754: All You Need

Halloween Monster Glove – $3
Halloween green monster glove fits large right hand. Lost left glove, but all you really need to scare with : -))

Thank you, Sparky, for summing up all my needs for a productive and possibly sad ending Halloween. Good thing I’m right-handed so I can scare people up good while signing checks and waving goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Post 754: All You Need

  1. Not very sinister, to only vend glove dexter.
    (And Dexter always used two.)
    It is said the scares mwn do live on after them. Look here for the price that is paid.
    (And Dexter was always careful.)
    Selling scary costume is ambitious. And we see ambition’s price.
    (And Dexter was always clever.)
    How are we meant to collect this singular item. Are we to a remote dock, or secluded warehouse, swathed in plastic no doubt.
    (And Dexter was always thorough.)
    I saw to you now, let us go, and read Sparky his Will ere the dire glove be not shewn.

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