Post 755: Missing Some Key Parts

Internal piece to Piano – Free!
We moved into a home that had left an large and heavy internal piece to a piano. I could not tell you what or how it works if you want it, it’s yours to come get.

EllenMaeJane: Sparky, what we gunna do with all these wires and stuff left over from when Uncle Grandpa gutted the pie-anna?

Sparky: Gee, EllenMaeJune, I dunno. What do you think we should do?

EMJ: Won’t fit in the trash bin. Can’t sell it to the recyclers. Might be good for burning.

Sparky: I got it! We’ll list it on that there Craigslist and have someone haul it all away for free.

EMJ: Alriaght, but what if no one wants it?

Sparky: We’ll lower the price.

Thanks to Ralph for the ad and the perfect title for the post.


5 thoughts on “Post 755: Missing Some Key Parts

  1. Ok, so “previous owners” had some sort of party get out of hand, and the only thing left was the iron harp of the piano?

    That’s a bit like we traded in our car, but they wouldn’t take the clutch.

    Somebody either went to a lot of trouble diassembling a piano, or was part of a very specific, stupid, bit of thievery.

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  2. Well, y’see, Ellie Mae Sue, we’re gonna git us sum far wud ane bent it inter a curlicue, tane git us sum kays an strangs an such, an weel havus a fancy pie anner.

    Aunt Rose: That’s not how that works, it’s not how any of this works . . . !

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  3. Noq, I’m trying to remember if the preferred harp material is steel or cast iron.
    Either ought to have value at the metal salvage in Ish.
    Unless it won’t fit in the Hyundai.

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    • This might be worth $5 as scrap at 3-4¢/lb. Figuring mileage and labor, I’d lose money getting it to the nearest scrap yard. Maybe Sparky is hoping someone is still In Search of the Lost Chord.

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