Post 756: Entrepreneurial Dog

Yes! A Pet Week Extraordinaire and other E words! Have fun, animal lovers!

Pupper Sitter
Do you have a dog friendly dog that needs a fun, safe place to be while you are at work?
I am doing art work from home and would be happy to pupper sit for you. I have worked in a doggy daycare, I received my pet first aid with Walks n Wags, and I use positive training methods with dogs.
We have a lovely fenced in dog park a block from my home, and trails close by. I live in a house with a small area fenced outside my door, and a larger fenced yard beyond that.
Dogs are allowed on furniture, our floors are all tiled so accidents can happen and then be cleaned with no fuss or muss if your little one feels a little too free with their bathroom habits.
I am looking to sit with dogs 50 pounds and under. As there may be more than one dog here, only completely social dogs are good candidates for this offer.
Your dog will have fun and cuddles, naps and snacks, and you will receive pictures and videos to let you know what puppers was up to while you had to be away.
12.00 half day
18.00 full day
300.00 monthly.
Boarding also available.

I could be wrong, but I bet a pocket full of doggie biscuits that the adorable dog in the photos actually placed the ad. He used that computer in the background and had a time delay function on his phone for photos. He’s getting darn tired of being home alone all day with Ms. Artsy McSparky. Sure, your dog will have a great time and have to swear to be a member of the Cattle Dog and Others Secret Society. When enough dogs have joined up, they will take over the house! The world can wait a few more weeks.

Thanks, NinjaChow, sorry to take so long to get to it. But it was worth the wait.


One thought on “Post 756: Entrepreneurial Dog

  1. Why is my dog covered in paint & glitter?
    No, was there an accident?
    No, Art.
    Did my dog do some thing they shouldn’t?
    No, Art.
    My name is not Art.

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